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Subhash Bhamre: Digitalisation of Indian Armed Forces is at Top Priority

Union Minister Subhash Bhamre on Thursday said digitization of forces is one of the top priorities of the government, an official said.

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The government intends to create high capacity information network for the Digital Army based on state-of-the-art technologies of the Indian armed forces, the minister said.

Talking on the urgent need for a robust, secure, high capacity data networks for Operational Commanders, Bhamre said: "They are also a critical facet of the force modernisation plans of the Indian Army, which will further form a fulcrum for tri-services integration in times to come."

He was delivering the inaugural address at DEFCOM INDIA 2017, with the theme 'Infrastructure and Skilled Human Resource for Digital Army', organised jointly by the Corps of Signals of the Indian Army and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), a statement said.

Indian Army joins Pakistan army in its Resolution Day celebrations

Life at the Line of Control (LoC) between arch-rivals India and Pakistan is intricate and difficult as well, especially in the twin border districts of Rajouri and Poonch that is south of the Pir Panjal range in Jammu region.

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Reports of exchange of firing between the armed forces of the two countries are routine along the de-facto border.

The tension between India and Pakistan escalated after last year’s September cross-border raid on an army base killed 19 Indian soldiers and, in reply, the Indian Army carried out surgical strikes against militants in Pakistan.

Both the countries accuse each other of repeatedly violating a 2003 ceasefire. There had been several instances of cross-border firings and terrorist infiltrations within the country from Pakistan.

On March 9, Pakistan army opened fire and killed an Indian soldier Deepak Jagannath Ghadge, 27, of Satara in Maharashtra—in Poonch sector.

In a first, IAF heads to Israel for drills

NEW DELHI: In a first, Indian forces are set to head for Israel to take part in joint military drills that will have significant strategic implications given the list of participants that includes US, France and Germany

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The joint aerial drills are being described as the biggest and most complex ever to be hosted by Israel. While details are yet to be worked out, defence ministry sources confirmed that an Indian Air Force team will participate in the Blue Flag exercise that is being hosted by Israel later in the year. “The participation is confirmed but details on which assets or how many personnel will take part are not yet available,” sources said. 

This would mark the first time that India will take part in a multinational military drill in Israel, which has emerged as one of the primary weapons supplier to New Delhi with systems ranging from unmanned aerial vehicles to missile protection and small arms. 

Russian defence sector companies keen on technology transfer

NEW DELHI: A number of Russian defence firms has broadly agreed to facilitate speedy repair and overhaul of Russian-origin military platforms in India and manufacture their spare parts through joint venture and technology transfer with Indian companies. 

sukhoi su-35 fleet
It has been a long-standing grievance of armed forces that the supply of critical spares and equipment from Russia takes a long time affecting maintenance of military systems procured from that country. 

Indian defence firms held extensive deliberations with Russian giants for technology transfer and manufacturing of some parts and components of Russian-origin military systems in India and sources said the talks were fruitful. 

Their talks took place during course of a conference on March 18 and 19 here on deepening defence engagement between the two countries. It was attended by more than 100 Russian and over 150 Indian industry representatives. 

Seven months on, India-US logistics pact suffering from bottlenecks

NEW DELHI: The much-ballyhooed logistics pact between India and the US, which will allow reciprocal access to each other's military bases for refuelling, repair and maintenance of warships and aircraft, is yet to enter into force despite being inked seven months ago.

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Slow decision-making, bureaucratic bottlenecks and complex accounting procedures, much more from the Indian side than the US one, have held up the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) from becoming operational till now.

Sources, however, say the Indian defence ministry is "now close to finalising the intricate accounting procedures" under which the two militaries will provide each other with logistical support on "equal-value exchange and reimbursable basis".

It was much easier for the US, which has similar pacts with its allies and others as well as unified theatre commands to handle different parts of the globe, to work out the operational details and submit its "points of contact" list to India.

Examining the Case for Complete Transfer of Technology

A common refrain in the Indian defence sector is that all defence procurement contracts should contain the clause for full Transfer of Technology (ToT).

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India’s Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) itself mentions “comprehensive” ToT and “complete” ToT as a requirement in numerous places.2 The fact remains that full ToT has remained elusive. As a case in point, while the Russian T-90 tank contract in 2001 was touted as a successful example of full ToT, a few years later reports surfaced that the ToT was incomplete.3 In tune with this Indian experience, Brazil has been facing similar problems with its insistence on full ToT.4 

These facts raise several questions. What exactly is full ToT and why is it that it cannot be ensured, even from friendly nations? Is it correct that foreign Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) intentionally and maliciously deny the technology of the most critical parts of their equipment to Indian recipient agencies? Why is it that these requirements cannot be brought under contractual obligations enforceable by law?

Indian Army’s Future Infantry Soldiers To Get Lethal Weapons And Better Protection

India has never been an instigator of war, but unfortunately has been involved in five major ones since Independence.

The Indian Army has proved its mettle and emerged victorious and a huge credit goes to the Infantry. A large part of the 1.4 million strong Indian Army is made up of the Infantry.

In war, the artillery pulverises the enemy with heavy gun fire, the armoured corps charge ahead to take over enemy territory. But it’s the Infantry that holds the ground. Just so we understand how important the infantry is, most Chiefs of Army Staff have been infantry officers.

To prepare for future wars, the Indian Army is in the process of modernising all its arms. New generation T-90MS tanks for the Armoured corps and field gun programs for the artillery are being pursued, the infantry is not to be left behind.

The modernisation program began with the F-INSAS (Future Infantry Soldier As a System), but has now been dropped in favour of two separate programs – the Battlefield Management System and arming the Infantry with better offensive and defensive gear.

Nepal invites new Indian Army chief to visit in February

Nepal has extended an invitation to new Indian Army chief Gen Bipin Rawat to visit the country in February, which is expected to be his first foreign trip.

Indian Army, Bipin Rawat, Nepal, Nepal Army
A cabinet meeting recently approved the invitation to Rawat, who assumed office on December 31.

A special function will be organised at the President’s Office to award Rawat the honorary title of army chief of Nepal for his “commendable military prowess and immeasurable contribution to fostering India’s long-standing and friendly ties with Nepal”.

With Nepal and China set to hold their first military exercise in Nepal in the first week of February, Rawat’s visit assumes significance in the context of bilateral strategic and military ties.

The proposed military drill with China, which will focus on counter-terrorism and disaster management, has raised eyebrows in strategic circles in New Delhi, mainly because of the close military ties with Kathmandu.


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